Putting Ourselves First

In life, we've been taught to put others before individual goals & desires.

To take care of another's comfort.

To be cautious of not disrupting one's daily routine or aspirations.

To be supportive and motivating for others.

These values have been instilled in us through the learning & skills of many generations. And we continue to follow that pattern of pleasing others and making space for others till we unknowingly lose our own essence.

Sounds relatable?  

And only after this divine intervention hits us, do we take the effort of showing some gratitude & appreciation towards ourselves by finally choosing to do or not to do the things that we cherish & value.

It's time to remind ourselves that self love is an on-going process. It is a promise of intimacy & honour that each individual shares with themselves. 


It is no wonder then that Self love Skincare was born out of this deep realisation. Leading one to re-discover that one single moment of personal joy. Re-routing one's priorities to self first.


Self love is after all a round-about turn inwards -  a brave new journey - that we hope each individual chooses to embark upon and thus create a world of confident, free and beautiful individuals.