Self love skincare

How do we propagate self love?

100% vegan

100% vegan skincare

Self love Skincare is a staunch believer of transparency and honesty. Our endeavour to be 100% vegan is inspired by the very promise made to you - to keep you away from every action of toxicity - and thus by drawing our strength from nature, we believe we have moved closer to sustainability. Choosing a vegan skincare brand is a friendlier choice for your skin and a friendlier gesture towards the earth. 

We do not use any animal ingredients, animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products.
What you put on your skin is really important because skin absorbs nearly 60% of the products we put on it. That's why it's essential for you to know what we put into our products and what's left out. 
Plant-derived natural ingredients in many vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that repair and hydrate the skin. Don’t we feel healthier when we eat fresh fruits, vegetables in their natural state? The same principle applies to skincare. 

Our vegan ingredients that go into the making of each product have been meticulously chosen to care for your skin in the most natural way so that your skin feels healthy and truly thrives.

Pure & Natural Skincare

Born of nature

Imagine a daily diet full of artificial sweeteners and added colours? Doesn't seem very healthy, right? A meal totally devoid of nutrients is just like one's skin being subjected to chemicals. Which is why we choose natural botanicals that nourish, brighten, protect and hydrate your skin with nature's loving touch. Minimally-processed natural products have been proven to be highly effective in promoting healthy skin and are eco-friendly.

Cruelty free Skincare


We co-exist with animals in the planet. In fact, we descended from apes!

It's time to offer our fellow inhabitants of the planet with honour & respect. We are happy to embrace the global standard of being cruelty-free thanks to wonderful people like you who make a plant-based/nature-based choice in the beauty space too. And our cruelty-free range has never looked better!

Chemical free skincare

Nasty chemical free

All our products are clinically tested and deemed as high quality natural ingredients sourced with care from nature. Your skin is the softest cover on your body. And just like a sponge it absorbs whatever is poured on to it. Synthetic chemical ingredients are not metabolised easily in the skin which leads to harmful consequences. It's time to eliminate every bit of toxicity in the world. In our endeavour to care for the environment and one's well-being - we choose to be nasty free, chemical free and paraben-free in our approach while making our products!