Self love Skincare - Skin Brightening Night Cream With Aloe & Glycerin

Skin Brightening Night Cream With Aloe & Glycerin

Self love’s Skin Brightening Night Cream With Aloe & Glycerin is possibly the cosiest touch to your skin apart from your pillow after the day's exhaustion. Move a step closer to sweet dreams by treating your skin to overnight skin nourishment and hydration. Designed to boost skin collagen, our night cream promotes an even-tone skin complexion while gently firming skin. Choose a light-weight skin formula for restoring skin elasticity that’s ideal for all skin types. It's time to put chemicals, sulphates and parabens to rest while naturally waking up to a bright and rejuvenated you in the morning!

Wake up to bright, firm & rejuvenated skin!



  1. Locked-in moisture without stickiness
    Glycerin gently soothes irritated and exhausted skin while keeping it moisturised, soft and supple!
  2. Makes skin firm & youthful
    Indulge your skin with much needed rejuvenation and radiance as the balance of Almond oil & Vitamin E oil replenishes skin with this anti-ageing formulation.
  3. Boosts collagen in skin
    Greet younger-looking skin with aloe vera extracts that help in reducing fine lines, aiding one's natural skin plumpness and improving blood circulation.