Self love Skincare - Skin Hydrating Body Lotion With Aloe, Almond & Olive Oil

Skin Hydrating Body Lotion With Aloe, Almond & Olive Oil

Soften, nourish and moisturise your skin with the divine touch of soothing aloe vera, the lingering nourishment of almond oil and the protective comfort of Vitamin E oil. The Skin Hydrating Body Lotion With Aloe, Almond and Olive Oil  is a non-sticky, light weight body lotion that relieves dryness while making skin soft & supple from within. Our key ingredients are activated to ensure a multi-layered deep penetration while smoothening rough skinand offering a superquick absorption.

Glowing and radiating. That's your skin. But so are you!


  1. Re-hydrate dry skin
    Almond oil helps improve skin elasticity keeping the deepest layers of the skin soft & hydrated for long hours while igniting luminosity. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin A, B, D and E.
  2. Soften, smoothen & nourish skin
    Intensely relieving for rough skin, the olive oil present in the formulation acts as an instant moisturizer that softens skin, revealing a silky feel to your skin.
  3. Retains moisture, making skin supple
    Reveal velvety, soft skin when the essential daily guard ingredients of aloe vera, olive oil and almond oil work tediously to protect skin from damage.