Self love Skincare - Skin Hydrating Face Wash With Aloe & Honey Suckle

Skin Hydrating Face Wash With Aloe & Honey Suckle

Looking for a refreshing splash that soothes skin while offering natural replenishment? Self love is all about loving yourself the natural way after all. While aloe vera extracts are filled with antioxidants & minerals that revive skin cells to cast away dehydrated skin, the element of honey suckle is a natural cleanser that is packed with flavonoids and saponins that protect skin against free radicals which cause uneven skin tone and dullness. Offer your skin the loving joy of freshness!

Let your skin feel beautiful & hydrated!

  1. The balancing act of pH is right
    Clinically tested and pH balanced, this face wash gently takes care of your skin without taking away skin's moisture. Free of sulphates and toxins, it leaves skin rejuvenated and hydrated.
  2. Makes skin supple & younger-looking
    Natural aloe vera extracts wipe off skin's dullness while the soothing properties of honey suckle cleanse skin from deep within to enhance one's natural radiance, making skin soft and youthful.
  3. Dead skin cells are cast away
    The natural formulation, free of chemicals, deep cleanses skin to remove age-inducing skin cells that reflect skin exhaustion and tiredness. Reveal the brightness that truly inherits you with daily use!