Self love Skincare - Skin Brightening Face Wash With Green Tea & Vitamin C

Skin Brightening Face Wash With Green Tea & Vitamin C

Self love is free of impurities. Which is why even when you choose to cleanse your skin from the daily rush of pollution & stress, we suggest you choose the method of tenderness. The Skin Brightening Face Wash with Green Tea & Vitamin C is enhanced with skin brightening boosters that improve one's natural skin complexion while the properties of green tea extracts help clear clogged pores, reducing blemishes. This is an everyday face cleanser that matches the hectic pace of one's outdoor routine and battles the grime of sweat, stress & rush.

Wondering what's different after making a splash daily?


  1. Blemishes, breakouts healed
    Green tea extracts are rich in antioxidants that effectively remove excess oil from skin while lightening existing blemishes. It minimises pores and continues to flush out toxicity from the skin while allowing skin to heal.
  2. Fresh, radiant skin
    The Vitamin C extracts present contain exfoliating properties that remove dead skin cells on the surface of the skin that causes dullness and contributes to skin exhaustion. Reveal softer, radiant and refreshed skin and say bye bye to fading acne scars day by day!
  3. Sun spots & discoloration faded
    Vitamin C extracts work best for post sun-skin trauma. It heals surface damage, fading sun spots and promotes a healthy collagen production while destroying free radicals to lessen the effects of environment damage.